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Masternode and staking service

Blockwunder is a management service that simplifies the configuration, maintenance and administration of the Masternodes to enhance the Blockchain infrastructure for the future.

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What is a Masternode?

Masternodes are the network interconnections that form blockchain networks. They contain a copy of the entire blockchain and verify the transactions and document the digital processes on the blockchain.

Each new, additional node in the network increases the degree of decentralization and therefore the security of the blockchain. Prerequisites to run a Masternode are dedicated computing Power, Storage and Memory capacities, and strict SLA for Uptime, statical IP addresses and more. Our job is to care for all of that.

Masternode owners receive a "compensation" from each Blockchain network for their efforts, i.e. an expense allowance or a share of the overall values created by the network. In addition, Masternode owners receive voting rights and can contribute to important decisions affecting the entire network, similar to a cooperative or democracy.

Why would you run a masternode?


"I love the flexibility of this new asset class. Liquidation within minutes!"

I do private lending and real estate. Both are mid- to long term investments. Whereas I can liquidate my Masternodes within minutes. I love that! Considering the ROI of 16%, it’s a perfect asset to diversify my portfolio."

Simona Unger
Simona Unger

It's impossible for me to run my own hardware 24/7 to get the uptime I need, and I have no understanding of anything IT related.

With Blockwunder, setting up my masternodes only took a few minutes: now I don't have to worry about anything else and regularly get my share transferred directly to my wallet."

Erica Del Veccio
Erica Del Veccio

"I want to support the Horizon Network because I believe in their cause!"

"I run a Horizon-Masternode because I want to support their mission to provide users complete control of their digital footprint with optional privacy features. In return, I receive every month a 2.15% ROI."


I've diversified my portfolio and now receive an additional income

Instead of just "hodling", I'm now running a PIVX Masternode via the Blockwunder service. I believe in Privacy Coins and support the projects. In exchange I get a return of Investement up to 11.2%."

Masternode requirements

The access barriers to operate a Masternode are exceedingly high.

Hardware Availability


The hardware must be available 24/7! If a Masternode falls below ~95% uptime, it will not be considered for payout.

Time expenditure

Time expenditure

Maintaining operational availability is time-consuming! Any failure that is not fixed immediately leads to a loss of revenue.

Technical requirements


A Masternode needs about 50% of the computing power of a MacBook Pro! An exclusive, static IP address is also required.


IT Skills

A profound expertise in IT is necessary to set up and operate a Masternode.

Masternodes as a Service

A managed service for automated setup, management and administration of Masternodes.


Reliable Service

We offer high availability and excellent connectivity by operating dedicated servers as well as IT architecture in certified data centers. Once a Masternode is installed, we take care of trouble-free operation.


Easy to set up

Set up master nodes with just a few clicks, without any IT knowledge or the need for your own hardware! We take care of updates and maintenance, in addition to ensuring the automated distribution of profits to our customers.


Affordable Masternode Hosting

We can offer our service at a competitive price by operating our own hardware in data centers and by automating our service.

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Monthly Income

ZEN 0.639

USD $3.92

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Upcoming features

Manage your Masternode portfolio and use our risk analyse tools.

Your cockpit to manage your portfolio

The Blockwunder user interface (dashboard) acts as the central communication interface between the blockchain technology and our technical solution. The dashboard facilitates portfolio management and offers analysis functions for adequate risk management.

Dedicated hardware to ensure best hosting performance

We operate our own servers in certified data centers to achieve synergies between the otherwise separate elements of hosting and managed services.

Keep your coins in one wallet

The Blockwunder Multi-Coin-Wallet with decentralized trading exchange makes it possible to manage different Masternode Coins in one place. This way, different currencies can easily be exchanged among each other in order to resolve a node and to set up another one quickly. Blockwunder does not have access to its customers' assets at any time.

Masternode tax report at your fingertip

Where added value is created, taxes are charged. In the future, we will provide all tax-relevant information in a simple file for retrieval. The corresponding document can then be attached to the tax return.

Suggest features

Would you like to see a certain feature? Send us your suggestion! We are happy to improve our service for you!

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