About us:

Our Start

Our fascination with blockchains has been inspiring us for more than three years. At the beginning of 2019 we took part in the 3rd batch of the Accelerator program "Smart City Hub" at the Hafven in Hannover and were able to bring our vision to life thanks to their great support.

Economy for everyone

"We believe that the economy works best when it works for everyone, and Distributed Ledger Technology is a powerful engine of inclusion!"

Blockchain technology fundamentally changes the concept of data ownership, protection and digital property: algorithms take over controlling core functions and replace intermediaries or individual companies that often exercise power over data. Networks consisting of Masternodes execute the algorithms automatically. The integrity and function of the decentralized networks correlates with the number of their shareholders, as in the case of a cooperative.

We have set ourselves the goal of enabling anyone interested access to blockchain technology as simply as possible and value-free. Blockwunder is the easiest way to understand the technology and to participate in or secure blockchain network systems. Each engagement is rewarded with a passive income.

As a blockchain infrastructure service provider, we offer a managed service for setting up and maintaining blockchain nodes (Masternodes) - the foundation of this system.

Breaking down barriers

Variety and accessibility are the most important factors to us. The more Masternodes secure blockchains, the more secure the projects behind them become. Our service is available to all interested parties - even without IT knowledge.

In terms of content, we aim to illustrate the blockchain world from different perspectives in the future. We answer questions regardless of their complexity. We are concerned with scientific interrelationships, presented in an understandable way.

Access for everyone to the world economy - fair, secure and as simple as possible - that's what we are engaged in.

Cooperations and Partnerships


University of applied sciences and arts

Cooperation with:
B.A Information Management


Startup-Accelerator and Innovation Hub

Smart City Hub Startup and Accelerator Program 2019


Investment & development bank lower saxony

Founders Scholarship 2019