Horizen Sphere Wallet Installation Guide

How to set up your Sphere (ZEN) Wallet Tutorial (English Version)

Step 1)

Download Sphere from the official Site (https://www.horizen.global/de/spherebyhorizen/)

Step 1

Step 2)

Click on the .exe file you just downloaded. Itwill install the wallet on its own and as soon as the installation process isfinished you will see the following window pop up and you click on Create an account

Step 2

Step 3)

You have to create a new account. Make sure to fulfill the requirements in the marked box.

Step 3

Step 4)

Agree to the terms by checking all 3 boxes and then press Proceed To Creating An Account

Step 4

Step 5)

The wallet interface should open and look like in the following picture where you click on Add Wallet.

Step 5

Step 6)

Click on Create New Wallet like shown in the next picture.

Step 6

Step 7)

In the following window you have to choose a wallet name and it’s recommended to click the box Require Password. This way you get asked for the entered password for each transaction outgoing from this wallet.

Step 7

Step 8)

The following steps are crucial, so make sure to follow the instructions closely. It’s recommended to have a piece of paper and a pen at hand for the next step.Click on Generate Backup Phrase and click on it again during the timer runs out.

Step 8

Step 9)

Write down each single one of the 24 generated words in the same order as displayed and make sure to store them safely. You will need them to access your wallet on another device or recover it. PLEASE NOTE, if you lose your passphrase you lose the access to your funds!Check mark I have written down my backup phrase and press Continue.

Step 10)

Now click each word in the right order to reassure you have written down your backup phrase correctly. Check mark both boxes afterwards and click on Continue.Your wallet has been created.

Step 11)

On the wallet dashboard you can find the wallet you just created and access it by clicking on it.

Step 11

Step 12)

Once you opened the specific wallet you can see your wallet balance in the top left in USD and ZEN value. In the top right you can switch between Receive and Send.In the middle of the bottom you can see and copy your public wallet address.

Step 12

Step 13)

You need 42 ZEN for a Secure Node and 500 ZEN for a Super Node.The needed amount of ZEN coins can be acquired from one of the exchanges in the following link:  https://www.horizen.global/exchanges/You should check how much your chosen exchange charges as a withdrawal fee and add the amount to your ZEN buy.